pic: (team 2013) our carrier (with crappy chair but hey...)

this is our carrier right now, the final one will not have a crappy chair, but it will pretty much look like this. It will have those green leds from last year mounted on the side and it will do all that difficult carrying for us :slight_smile:

Hey, you guys stole our idea! We built our robot mover this year out of a power wheelchair too.

Ours runs on the 2004 IFI Control System (Yes, its Tethered :P)

Also included:

Revolving Light from pre-2004 years w/Red Cover (Yay Nostalgia)
White (AVB?) KOP Joystick for drive control
Onboard air compressor
Twin Deep Cycle Marine Batteries (don’t know specs, but we can drive it pretty much solid for 2+ hours with no recharging no problem, in fact, its never gone dead on us)
Built-in Battery Charger (old KOP unit from years past, hopefully soon to have wire spool like a vacuum cleaner for plugging in)
Eventually an onboard power bar, so when connected to A/C power plugs are easy to find. (Perhaps in future an Inverter for operation on battery as well)
Front fork lift mechanism (We think it will lift a standard pallet)
Front bumper with Limit Switch attached to disable drive should the vehicle contact something.
Multiple joystick interlocks to prevent inadvertent operation
Will also be seen at competition with safety exclusion zone team to keep cart->human interaction from occurring when moving through a crowd.