pic: Team 2013, the Cyber Gnomes, at work

Here are the Cyber Gnomes finishing the drive train and chasis. These little guys work hard. Notice the nice water jet wheels !

Wow. Those are some nice wheels!

Judging by how close together they are… are you doing a 8-12 wheel drive?!

Sweet machining! Do the wheel “endcaps” fit partially inside of the outer tube for the wheels?
We looked at trying to make some custom wheels, but it was easier for us not too.
Nonetheless, Very cool, and looks like you will have some mad traction with such wide treads.


ya those wheels look a little too wide.

Yes, the rings were spun on a lathe and a groove machined to accept the plates.

Just like a drop axle 6 wheel drive, but instead of two center wheels we have 4… and 6 motor drive

So, like a typical dropped center 8wd?
This looks like a similar approach we took, hopefully the super pushy robot works out this year.

Well our strategy isn’t to be a “pushy” robot, just to be able to get back and forth accross the field with as little hassle as possible. Many teams are going to Omni and Mechanum drives it seems and getting “around” these drive systems is next to impossible. Sooo… if you can’t go around it, you’ve gotta go through it!

i hope you guys remembered that you may only use 4 cims on your robot, but other wise it looks like a beast of a drive train.

Perhaps they meant they are using Banebots with CIMulators to assist the CIMs.

No CIMulators. See the other thread on their gearboxes.