pic: Team 2013, the Cyber Gnomes, at work

Here is a pic of our custom transmission. 3 motors a side on our tank drive.

What’s the third motor you are using?

I would love to see some testing on how well the 770’s play with the CIMs.

How does the third motor play into this?

It looks like the CIMs will go through only one stage of reduction while the third motor will go through two stages to power the long output shaft.

I’m guessing they are using the BaneBots CIMulator gearboxes as 2791 plans to use.

Yes, the third motor is the 770. The extra gear reduction is there to compensate for the higher RPM. No CIMulator needed. Can’t wait until the second one comes in to test drive the chasis. Many thanks to our mentor for some great ideas on this one… Thanks Aaron !

So is this how you finish on time? You have magic little gnomes that work for you overnight?

Where might I purchase one of these?

lol no prob Phil, but lets wait until it drives around before everyone celebrates! I don’t like the way that one guy with the paper just lays around in his leaf all day. He says his calculations are right but all I’ve ever seen him do is smirk and giggle. Make sure those guys get the holes drilled and shafts keyed for tomorrow. I’ll have the sprockets keyed and bring them with me.
You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find earthworms this time of year. The machine at BassPro is all out and I don’t know what else they eat. Honestly, if they don’t step up the pace I’m going to get the garden weasle again.

This should help- a very informative primer on gnome management. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0foMKAxCww