pic: team 2013's current pit area, ORANGE!!!

This is our pit at the moment,with a home made work bench and a cut out of our logo made by our sponsor!

Love the toolbox and the logo!

Uhm, but the walls… Don’t you think that’s a little anti-gracious-professionalism? I can see a back wall, but, not so sure about the full side walls.

Just something to consider.


Whats ungracious about it? I dont see anything wrong with it. Could you explain where you are coming from?

Wow, nice pit! My favorite color, Orange! Although, it does seem like it would take quite a while to setup and take down, but i’m sure it’s worth it! Pits are one of the most unique parts about robotic teams. They show how creative teams can be, how they like to present themselves, and the fact that FIRST isn’t just about the robot, it’s everything that goes along with it!!! (Including those crazy cool pits)

I think he means that it appears that you are trying to hide what you are doing. I think it looks fine, and have seen teams with similar sides in the past, but I can see where some would think otherwise…

I think it looks awesome.
At LSR, there are teams who use the tent tops and some build ‘walls’ with their tool boxes and tables. I’ve seen all sorts of pit set-ups that fit within the rules.
This looks clean, tidy, colorful - well, just beautiful. Hope it works well for the team during competition!

I think it’s also a bit of “self-containment” on their part. If they have walls, then they have set clearly defined boundaries in which they can work, ensuring that there is an equal distribution of pit space such that they are not spilling over into their neighbors’ pits. Seems pretty “GP” to me… :rolleyes:

Well… I could be a little biased. We just had new neigbors move in to the house next to us and put up a high fence… just seems a little stand off-ish to me. Seems like separating yourself from your neigbors (houses/teams).

However, it’s just my opinion. As long as you don’t blow out the cones in your eyes with that brilliant orange shade, have at it. :]


I’m ORANGE with envy.

All that 80/20 looks expensive :eek: , though it does make for a nice looking pit.

Well I’ve heard both sides of the thoughts, so here’s mine.
A closed in pit with walls on the sides tell me keep out, mind you own business.
It says your not interested in seeing or communicating with your pit neighbors.
I’m NOT saying thats your teams intentions thats just the feeling a three sided wall it gives me.

Thats my 2 cents and IMO on that.

btw… the cut out logo above the work bench does look cool.
would be awesome with some color back lighting.