pic: Team 2016 Dallas!!

Team 2016 picture on the field after winning dallas regional and chairmans award. Thanks to all our students and mentors and all the teams about in dallas for making this a wonderful experience for us!!

Thanks to 148, 1817 and the entire Dallas regional for their support and help on this.

Congrats and well deserved! Your video was inspiring to watch. Good luck in Atlanta.

Congratulations you guys! It was awesome watching you absolutely dominate and I can’t wait to see you guys again at Atlanta.

Also I love the modification to your cover, it makes your robot look like a ufo.

Great job guys. You have a solid machine.

thanks again :slight_smile: btw that would be me blocking the chairmans banner they were in a rush…

we are looking forward to atlanta…


hey Kinsuk.
I just wanted to say congrats to all of 2016. It was a pleasure working with you guys this build season. :slight_smile:

H guys,
Congratulations and well done from 418. Looks like you figured out how to get around Dallas just fine.

Thanks to 148 and 1817 btw. Wouldn’t have won without either

Congrats on your chaiman’s win!

Thanks and Congrats 2016!

148 and 2016 were great partners and 1817 is glad and proud to have played with ya’ll!