pic: Team 2016 Robot 2010

Team 2016 Breakaway 2010 robot.

8WD - Skyway wheels, 1/8" drop center w/ nitrile treads.
Front Self Centering Roller
CIM powered kicker - 35’ max on first bounce.
Lifting/self righting arm
Self righting roll cage

Videos to follow.

We would like to thank 2753 for their coopertition in building our joint self righting arm and testing it alongside.

We hope to see everyone in NJ.

Video posted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGhdxV61h-8

On behalf 1860, I’d like to say that we can’t wait to know you guys!

Robot looks great, hope we can play some match together in NJ!

See ya

Here is one without the bumpers and rollcage.


nice hanging mechanism

Turtle Bot!


Except this turtle wont get caught on its back or lose any speed races.

For those who are interested here is more information about the hanger/self-righter.

Lifting is powered by 1 fisherprice motor

Self-righting is powered by 2 window motors

This is a great looking robot!!
Very innovative and I love the way it will right itself.
We hope to see you guys in Atlanta!!

Best of luck!!!

Sweet 2008 Chesapeake repeat at NJ? I’m feelin it :yikes:

Then it is a turtle with a blue koopa shell on it!

Cant wait to watch Turtle bot in Trenton! :slight_smile:

Nice job 2016. It has been fun cooperating with you guys.

Coach Tom

now seeing the video… that hanging/righting mechanism is amazing

nice bot! Cant wait to see you at Jersey