pic: Team 2016 RP5 2011 final robot robot..

Introducing RP5, our 2011 robot.

8wd, 6 motor drive base, 12 fps top speed.
Low mounted telescoping arm, modified from 2010 bot :slight_smile:
Super spring wheel roller claw
Logo signaling system in the spirit of this years game
Self peg locating via program and drivers station

Mini-bot coming soon, had to keep something in the bag, cant reveal everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be in attendance at NJ and DC.

Hope to see everyone St. Louis

Good luck!

Just a quick comment. Some may wonder why RP5, this is in memory of our mentor Rich Prospero who passed away last year and was a key member of our team, 5 for our 5th year.

Video coming soon.

Wait so your robot isn’t in the bag…? :wink:

Looks awesome 2016, can’t wait to play you guys.

So wait, did you copy 233 or 1625 :confused:

Just teasing. Awesome job! I think I’m finally starting to see the light on these “low shoulder joint” robots you guys keep making - your CG has got to be freakishly low.

Looking forward to seeing you in Finals matches again, 2016.

Good work Tyler and Kinsuk, you guys rock!

Oh and the rest of the team I guess…:stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful claw. Good choice on wheels for it.

Sharp looking robot. Nice and clean. Cant wait to see the mini bot.

I like it a lot: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/36514? :wink:

Tyler and Kinsuk; sick sick sick.
looks awesome!
I wish I could have dropped by some time this build season, but overdrive’s FTC bot wouldn’t allow me to :frowning:
Some questions:
What are you using to pivot the arm at the base? I hope you won’t go through 30,000 window motors like we did last year.
I know that the FP motor is no longer in the arm, but it looks geared down a lot less, is that true?
Why 6 motors in the drivetrain? they can’t be all CIMs, are they?! :open_mouth:
(if you don’t want to give all your trade secrets away, you have my email :wink: )
Good luck at NJ and DC!

Looks amazing, can’t wait to see you guys in New Jersey! Only a week away! :smiley:

Hey Joseph,

Its powered by 2 window motors through a gearbox that is chained to a large sprocket on the arm. No more cables (I hated those stupid things)! Have not broken a window motor yet during our week of practice (can’t say the same about the couplers, but we fixed that).

Its mounted under the tube on the back end. Same pitch and starts leadscrew, but 20:1 banebot instead of 64:1.

4 Cim’s and 2 Banebots 775’s.


:slight_smile: Thanks for all the kind comments.

Looks like our twin for this year is 383 :P. hahaha, we miss 2753!!

Anyways as much as you guys all give me and Tyler credit for this robot, the team as a whole put in a lot of time and trust me all the concepts and basics are all done by the students with the help of several other mentors. We may have been more involved in refining and tuning. But I cant emphasize enough all the work thats gone in from the entire team…

The team is looking forward to NJ as well, should be a lot of fun (hope I can be there)

You better be there.

Bring Mogo too. :smiley:

Don’t worry… Mogo is in the pit crate waiting to be packed up!



Please come back for Trenton and DC!!

Robot video posted here.

Out of all the robots that have been revealed so far, I have been drawn to this one the most. I love the overall design, especially how clean it looks. Your claw is extremely effective and it gives 573 hope for our claw(we’re using the same wheels, but we broke ours before bagging). I also love how simple the controls are. You really can’t beat scoring with the push of one button.

Very impressive. I’m sure it will be a successful year for you guys.

Here is the minibot :slight_smile:

Just updating threads sorry. (too lazy to edit)

Just watched a match of you guys at NJ, qualifications 6.

All I have to say is, wow. Two logos up. Great work.