pic: Team 2039 almost done


Almost done, just need to wire it up.

have you guys had trouble indexing the orbit balls?

would it be possible to get a close up of the rollers or can you tell me how you made them, we are having problems keeping our belts in the correct positions.


We haven’t had any problems with ball handling. We squeeze the ball down to 7" diameter. The rollers are made of 2" ID pvc pipe (painted) with small grooves to hold the belts in. The pneumatic tubing spikes help hold the belts in place. We also have 7% length stretch on the belting. On the rear conveyor system we are also using pieces of the timing belt that came in the kit rivoted to the tube to help prevent the belts from sliding around. Hope this helps!

The bane bot gearboxes look like 4:1:eek: …or am i just hallucinating…we are using a 64:1 for our belt

The front conveyor is 25:1 w/ RS545 motor, the rear is 20:1 w/ fischer price motor.

Nice looking robot!

How do the balls funnel down from a 2 ball wide conveyor to a single shooter without jamming?

its a secret

7% we only did 3% and they were bending our PVC like mad… We ended up switching to something different…

We’re still kind of working on that.

We’re still working on it. :cool: