pic: Team 2039 presents

This is our robot for the 2013 season.
-Full court shooter with adjustable speed and angle
-Pneumatic powered conveyor hatch or top loading for manual loading
-Reliable floor pickup system
-Automated frisbee counting system to prevent overloading
-Camera controlled aiming and ranging system
-Modular electrical system for fast replacement of critical parts
-6 wheel in line drive train (4 x traction wheels, 2 x omni wheels)
-10 point passive hanging hooks (not shown).

We look forward to completing in Milwaukee and Chicago this year! Good luck everyone, I’ve seen some amazing desings on here and can’t wait to see them in person.

This reminds me of your robot in 2009. If it preforms close to that one, there is yet another threat at Wisconsin.

You might want to replace those green painted tanks. I believe that painting counts as illegal modification, as Andy Baker can attest to.

Your wiring scares me. :yikes:

Thanks for the tip about the painted tanks, we will make sure we have spares at the competition just in case. As for the wiring, we took the picture of the robot before the electrical guys cleaned it up. It does look scary though.