pic: Team 2053 Standard

Our standard for the game this year! It has a reversed color scheme on the back.

I don’t think that this conforms to the rules laid out for team standards.

Are you concerned about this rule?

The horizontal support piece(s) length may not exceed 15” (762mm) in length and ½” (12.5mm) OD.

Primarily, yes.

I really like your design… very creative and plenty strong.
I do think that there may be a couple of issues with it.

If you win a ribbon how will you attach it?
The ribbons have grommets that will fit over 1/2" material. I believe the horizontal piece is supposed to reserve 1.5 inches at the end for them. If your frame comes apart I suppose you could put them in between the pipe frame and the standard. I do think the intention of the rule is that they would be able to fly on the outside.

I am not sure how the rules interpret the “standard”
I think there is a horizontal piece not to exceed 15" and a vertical piece not to exceed 32".

I would imagine that everything else is the standard itself

The rule states: The Standard substrate must be made of cloth or other flexible material.

The pipe frame you have is not cloth or other flexible material.

I am not trying to criticize I just think you should check and see. It would be a shame to get to an event and find out that your really cool standard could not be flown.

Again… very cool job… I would not have thought to do a pipe frame like that