pic: Team 2077 2009 Robot (back view)

The back view of our robot.

That appears to be a van door motor We where not given one this year. Previous year van doors are not legal.

Thanks for letting us know, that is going to save us a lot a time.

i belive you but could you please post that rule

Van door motor was not in the kit and is thus prohibited.

Very nice guys. I’m very impressed. Especially for a team one year removed from losing their founding mentor.

I especially like your chassis. Is that powder coated aluminum? The big question at this point is if you are going to finish. What you’ve got looks great though.


(Sorry, no one has said anything about bumpers in this thread yet. That’s unacceptable.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it is powder coated aluminum. All the thanks to GENERAC. I don’t know why they choose white this year. Two years ago GENERAC went way out of their way to powder coat our robot our school colors blue and yellow. At least these colors made sense for our robot. Is the white for camouflage?

And if you think this is a little late to build a robot, ask the juniors and seniors what happened our rookie year.

I’m actually working on that right now :smiley:

And we’re doing white so it looks like a moon rover!