pic: Team 207's front wheels

We are running two sets of these in each front corner clocked.
The rollers a made of delrin

Burrrr, for some reason it feels cold all of the sudden!

Those are some big omni wheels, unless the angle decives me. Did you make these yourself or are they just machined out by you.

We redesigned a three roller design into a 6 so its ours…

all student machined 5 inch omniwheel

They look really solid. The only question i have for you is if you are able to balance the wheel like that on the frame wont the metal part hit the ground while it rolls?

We run a pair of the wheels clocked so that we have a continuous circle of rollers no gaps.

You bring up a good point, No metal is allowed to make contact with the carpet. You might want to look at that. Either filing those edges down or adding larger omnis would do the trick.

yup…that would defiantly take care of the problem. Was that the original design or a “feature” after the fact?

not original the original design, but a next generation design they seem to work well