pic: Team 2106 at the end of week 6

The “end” of a crazy build season. After loosing 13 days of build time due to weather, everything you see here was completed in seven days. All the materials were things hanging around in the shop or cannibalized off old robots. I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of my team for the hard work they have done. We are keeping most of what you see in our holding allowance. We still need to tweak the kicker and ball handler as well as complete the programing.
More photos of the last week can be seen on our flickr account:

Oh no! Your wheels are sideways!!! :ahh:

Just kidding, your robot looks pretty cool :slight_smile: What are you powering your kicker with?

We are using a 1" bore piston with an 8" stroke. This picture gives you a decent view. We use two valves in parallel to help with flow. We have the speed of the kicker where I think it needs to be. We are having a problem with the angle of attack. The trajectory is still too low. That’s what we hope to work on over the next few weeks.