pic: Team 2166- Bluebot Kirby

Team 2166 presents Bluebot Kirby
Video: http://vimeo.com/3331402

We chose to follow our simplicity trend again this year. The pick-up and dump mechanism is comprised of 2 conveyor belts and 9 rollers. Each conveyor is driven by a CIM. We use a ‘hood’ at the top to contain the balls which is controlled by pneumatics. We are able cram 23 balls in the conveyors, but 15-18 is a more realistic fit. We can ‘shoot’ the balls about 1-2 ft. The cardboard guides and electrical tape will be replaced with lexan.

We visited 1114s shop the third weekend to pick up some parts they machined for us with nothing more than a design for our drive train. They helped us get the ball rolling by providing us with a solid concept design. The robot was quickly designed, modeled and built in the following 3 weeks. Aside from welding, our robot was entirely built in 1114s shop during the 5th and 6th weekend. The students on 1114 were always there to lend a helping hand, which was a huge help given the limited number 2166 students able to attend. The Simbots taught the students on 2166 how to use several of their machines and also provided a hand completing our bot when needed .

Team 2166 cant thank Simbotics enough for all their help this year. I cant imagine what our robot would be without your help. Karthik, I am absolutely amazed by the organization in your team. Your students are all extremely motivated and talented. Its no wonder you guys have such great success.

Excellent looking robot there! I saw something in the video I just have to point out! Is that the only time that 1114 will not be moving and able to be scored on? :stuck_out_tongue:

See ya at FLR guys and gals.

Looks very good!
The pneumatic door to control when you dump should proove to be very useful.
The only thing i’d be concerned about is the width of your dumper, it doesnt get all the balls in accuratly… but i guess you’ll be fine by the sheer number of balls you guys can move!
Good luck!


 You know, since the game was announced, I have always thought a design like this seemed to be the perfect mix of simplicity and practicality.  You guys will no doubt help to prove me right.  I like how neat and clean everything is.  I can only hope someday my team will have a welded frame that nice.  Good luck!

Unfortunately we had to pull out of Rochester because we weren’t able to afford transportation/accommodations. We’re in the process of switch into Waterloo, hopefully we are successful.

The width of the dumper is actually 25" wide, the same as the diameter of the poles on the trailer. With some accurate driving, we should improve the percentage of scored balls.

We have been very fortunate to have a professional welded on staff at our school for the past 3 years. He kind of over does it on the welds too, so our frame is indestructible, at least in this years low impact game. I never realized the quality of the welds until I heard the responses over the past 3 weeks.

Have you contacted FIRST about it? I still see you guys listed on the team list.

Where does one get a job as a professional aluminum welder?

What did your team use to space your belting?

Yay I was waiting for you guys to post something. Looks like a pretty solid bot.

Maybe we’ll make a run for Einstein again in Atlanta this year. :wink: Best of luck guys.

2" abs pipe fit perfectly over 2" aluminum tubing.

I didn’t think anyone would be interested in seeing our bot until I saw you asking Karthik for a pic, so I threw this together.

VERY nice robot. Nice storage space and nice dumping speed. With better traction control, you definitely have an award winning robot.

good robot. large amount of balls at once will give you an advantage. nicely done!

that’s a nice spewing bot :slight_smile:
do you have a camera on it?

(music choice for video xD)

It would be great to have you in Waterloo. I was impressed when I saw your robot running at 1114’s shop, and even more impressed now that I have seen it in action.
Hopefully you can make the switch.

Nope, no camera. We’re working on traction control on a kitbot right now. I’ll be happy to get that working.

We are still waiting for a reply from FIRST. We can only send one student to Waterloo (due to March Break commitments), but its better then nothing. Unfortunately FIRST has refused us a refund, I hope they at least let us make the switch. If it works out, it’ll be an interesting event with only a student and coach, hopefully a few more kids become available.

Might be worth it to contact some of the teams from Toronto that are going to FLR (188, 1241 come top of mind just to name a few) and see if there are ways to get transportation costs down. At the same time, if hotel costs are a problem, you could try contacting Rochester area teams and see if there are ways to be billeted some how, there are a lot of big name teams down there with big hearts and I’m sure they they would be more than willing to try and help out.

I hope it works out!

The welder who did all of 114’s frames is a certified aerospace welder who does primarily aluminum, stainless, titanium, and exotics, all TIG, some inert atmosphere stuff. He does alot of contract work for NASA and alot of the other aerospace and electronics firms in the SF Bay Area

Very nice. What makes up the belts and how are the rollers constructed?

See you at Waterloo!