pic: Team 223 Teaser

A little late for a teaser…but just about all of our plastic parts for our final root are printed and painted…it’s nice to have an in-house 3D plastic printer

Great you have access to a 3D printer. What machine do you have?

Print To 3D (my company) has some parts in production as a type for my team.

No paint though. I’ve got orange ABS :smiley:

Some of the parts are (only a few shown in the photo):

Twin 775 motor mount
Pneumatic cylinder mounts for transmission shifting
Shaft spacers for transmission
Sensor mounts
general spacers

Ours is a Dimension SST 7600 (or something like that…). The tray is 8x8x10. It’s so nice to just be able to print spacers(and in this case) parts essential to a mechanism on our robot in like, a couple hours.

It’s a Dimension SST 768 The 768 stands for 768 cubic inches of build space.

8x8x12" inches is 768. :wink:

It’s a great machine so treat it well!

we printed some parts for the robot, and they all broke, just something to consider, printed plastic is not strong in all directions…

You are correct that it is not the same strength in all directions.

It is wise to choose the right application for which 3D printing is suitable.

Also the strength of 3d printed parts is HIGHLY dependent of the technology and material used.