pic: Team 2230's 2008 Control Board!

Check out the most awesome Control Board in the 2008 FIRST season (and possibly the best from all seasons!).
Team 2230 - Zcharia’s Angels 2008 Control Board -


Thousands of thanks to the inginious work of Igor Tsikinovsky - the driver’s captain - and Yuval Poleg.

In the picture, 2008 arm operator Ofir Chakon.

Personally, I think it might have worked better in Rack n’ roll…:stuck_out_tongue:

Still, that’s pretty sweet. What material is it made out of?

Whoa COOL!

How much did that thing way?

That’s pretty sick. How does it fit on the shelf though, it looks like the right hit would knock it off.

500th post!!

Great Job Nir!

Thanks for uploading this awesome picture and reminding us of one of the most creative things FIRSTers have seen ever!

Better late than never.
And hey, who reminded you about that wacky board of yours ? :wink:


Don’t mean to crash on your parade, really sorry,

But 1261 used a GUITAR HERO CONTROLLER, as one of their controllers. That’s right, the guitar was controlling the bot.

It was also good, the high scoring bot at the regional, in Rack n’ Roll.