pic: Team 2231's

Team 2231 (Shoham High,Israel)'s Robot, “The H”,
naked (no upper cover) during training.

Is there going to be a cover on the pool noodles???

Looks great! SPAM used waternoodles for bumpers too! (There should be a post-season pool party!) Good luck at competition! :smiley:

I totally agree with adaire… If only the nationals were still in Florida we could do that! I also want to wish you and your team the best of luck this year.

There olready is a cover,
the pic is just not up-to-date. :cool:

  • there’s already a nice cover on top of the electricity plate,
    and the ‘Gripper’ was re-covered.

gotta use the oppertunity and thank Gil again,
for staying with us 'till 4AM the night before the shipping day. (we stayed 'till 8AM):yikes:

looks pretty good guys
GO ROOKIE TEAMS!!! :smiley: