pic: Team 225 BEAR-O-Metric

Team 225 FRC2006 Design

Looks pretty solid.

Just curious, how do you plan to keep that ramp out of the ball corral? It seems like one good whack from behind would put you in there, and thus put you in danger of a DQ. Of course IANAE, so I may be dead wrong.

Either way, it looks like a winner.

Looks like a solid design. I like the simplicity.
Out of curiosity what do you plan to use for belting?

We have a optical sensor to detect the ALU Goal Ramp.
Automatically opens the door AND prevents driving into the Goal opening.

3 ply neoprene conveyor belt (.080")

This may help for you driving into the goal but what about other stronger robots pushing you into the goal. It will still be your fault and I can tell you now, if you get to that goal there will be a robot right behind you.

Behind us is EXACTLY where we want you.
I can’t reveal ALL we have up our skirt (anti-pushing algorithm).

An algorithm wont help if the robot behind you moves at 10 inches per minute and has the gripping power of a belt driven not tread driven robot, hint hint*

*not really

Beautiful design. I love it. It looks like it would be very effective. Just out of curiosity, how are you getting around rules <S03> and <R04>? It looks as if your drawbridge ramp is outside the starting 28x38 foot print thus violating <S03> and it can let down between 0 and 8.5" from the floor violating <R04>. You might want to double check the discussion in this thread.

From what I understand, assuming that the ramp is just a ramp and isn’t propelling it in any way other than gravity, the ramp is within the guidelines of rule <S03>. However, your ramp looks like it is less than 8.5 inches off the ground, and is not within 10 degrees of vertical. Your ramp very well might violate rule <R04>.

Actually, the conveyor roller at the top right of the hopper looks like it will be providing the final impulse to put the ball into the large hopper then the ball feeds down the chute to the ramp thus gravity may not be the only impulse. This may or may not violate the <S03> rule depending on how you read the latest Q&A discussed in the thread I linked above. The “shooter” in this case is the conveyor rollers in the top of the hopper. I dunno??? :ahh:

Re: (S03)
FIRST Q/A answered this issue of a ball release by GRAVITY. (1-26-06)
We can not use the conveyor while the door opens - separates the two functions.

Re: (R04)
Our door rotation is limited so that the front face is not more than 5 degrees from vertical.

Sounds good! Great design! I would make the sides of the ramp taller to prevent anything pushing you into the goal, even with the algorithm.

Pretty smart idea!

Looks like you covered your bases! Great design.

Is 5 degrees enough slope to move the balls in quickly enough?..Just a thought. As for being pused in, I would also make the sides of the “ramp” taller so it gives you some kind of protection from going into the goal. Again, just anouther thought. But it appears to be a very solid and simple design with the potential to be a big scorer.