pic: Team 225


There she is…Bear Joule - "putting our energy to work"

Looks good. Robot looks very slick. Just a few questions. What are the pieces of aluminum coming off the sides? Do they retract? What kind of wheels are you guys using?

That looks like a real great design.

The things off to the sides look like braces, like those ones some construction equipment use… The work is evading me just now but it will come to me some day. They must be retractable otherwise it wouldnt fit in the size requirements unless the robot is all scaled down or something. I like the arm design.

Aha! Yes outriggers. Thanks Ryan :smiley:

Awesome! Leaves team 1219 in awe :slight_smile: :wink:

Its awesome to see that many teams are using technologies such as CAD Inventor to make their robot, it looks superb. I hope we will be able to turn computer designs into robots through CNC and stuff in the future.

Props to you and your team memebers from 1219.

Very, very nice looking robot. I like how you have the arm hinged so it rotates side to side, rather than front to back. Outriggers look great too. Any way you could post some more pictures? I’d love to see more of this bot.

Great job 225!