pic: Team 225


Looks like one mean, lean Bear of a machine!

Good luck at all your competitions this year!

Hope to see you at PARC!

What material did you use for your rollers? Sand paper?

The rollers are are 1.25" dia PVC (what did YOU do with the tetras?).
If you meam the belting it’s 3 ply neoprene (.080") from McMaster-Carr.

I’m a bit confused as to how this thing works; it looks like they are carried up the belts and deposited into that giant hopper, but how do you control the flow of balls out of the robot?

(p.s. it looks sweet)

EDIT: Ah yes, I see it now. That sheet of lexan in the front is very tricky.

This is the CAD they posted a while ago. Its very hard to see but there is a plexi door that opens and closes. Im a little pessimistic about gravity feed but then again I really don’t know. We shall see when we go up against you at GLR. (looks like another good bot from 225)

Yeah sorry about that. I was half asleep when I made that post last night. I remember seeing a team asking a question on the Q&A about using sand paper for their belts. At first glance I thought that maybe you had. Looks good! Hopefully we will see you guys in Atlanta!

I like it alot. Looks effective and stylish as well.