pic: Team 226 Actual 2005 Chassis is IN


Here it is, still smoking hot from the welding of the frame, sadly though the laser and the shark met head to head and … The shark lost. We had to get rid of it from the sides due to the heat generated by the laser.

What kind of drive are you using, I see 4 wheels but i cant see if it is 4 wheel drive or just 2. It looks good, thats a great job on the arm.

Actually, the wheels are not shown in this picture, they mount in the side modules. (4) 10" Off Road Pneumatic. Will post a picture probably Friday with the drivetrain finished.

does it way like 3 pounds with all those holes?

think it will bend?
very nice job thou


It Definately doesn’t weight much, with the height on the manipulator (Only about 1/3 is shown) we wanted an extreme amount of the weight down low in the chassis. Most of the robot is either tube or extruded shapes so it should be very rigid when it is finished. I can’t say it WON’t bend but it should take quite a beating in the process.

it looks like it will be very effective in lifting tetras (assuming it works). nice job!

Sharks with laser beams?

That’s from the picture’s caption…