pic: Team 228 Operator Interface

Here’s the Gus Robotics 2005 operator interface, complete with customized joysticks, arcade push-buttons, and a nice paint job (that’s really paint!). Check it out in person at UTC and Nationals.

That thing looks really cool, How long is it? It looks like once you put it on the shelf there isnt much room for your alliance partners.

With the recessed buttons and joysticks it reminds me of an arcade game. :slight_smile:

Nice clean appearance.

Thanks for the good comments! The flames are reversed painted, so that the paint won’t chip, also giving it the shiny appearance.

It’s 48 inches long.

Actually, we did buy the buttons were from an arcade supplier :cool:
their website was http://www.happcontrols.com

If you want to see more pictures, check out these pages on our website:

<hint> check out our robot at UTC, you may see a strong resemblance between it and the operator interface :smiley: </hint>

where did you get those sweeeet joysticks?

1 word:


I only wish our OI was that cool.

Ahhh very nice. Short joysticks, what I wouldnt do for some of those. I would always hold ours down by the base, and then I couldnt push the buttons! Another GREAT idea is horizontally/flat mounted buttons/ switches. If I drove again that is what I would want, vertical/angled mounted switches just arent natural for me. Once again, good job.

Hello again

The joysticks on the operator interface are actually the old black universal joysticks, that were dismantled, and re-assembled with plastic custom handles that we made on our lathe. We also preferred the push buttons over toggle switches, as you never have to worry look down to see what posistion it is in before you change it. Also, if you like our operator interface, check out our robot:

http://www.team228.org/images/2005/Hartford Regional/S4300048.JPG