pic: Team 229 2017 Robot Teaser

Thanks to our new sponsor E/One for getting this cut for us (as well as a few other parts).

Be right back…getting E/One as a sponsor.

Seriously looks great, guys.

They actually came to us as their president is a Clarkson alumni! We’ve been pretty fortunate this year.

Ah yes a chair with a lasered out sponsor panel. Why did I not think of that. Best robot NA

Amazing. The level of detail is incredible.

How do you get the sponsor logo and the honey comb cut out??:smiley:

This was all cut on a waterjet.

Is the Clarkson University-affiliated team also sponsored by the University of Michigan??? :confused:

Had the same thought, but this block M is a bit thinner than the UM logo. I think it’s their high school’s M.

Believe you are correct:

This looks awesome - can’t wait to see the rest of the robot.

This is correct.

Looks neat! Can’t wait to see the full thing at Montreal

Can’t wait to make the trip up!

It’s so pretty!!! :yikes:

One question - do you get free Stewart’s ice cream when ever you want?? :wink:

I wish. Now you’ve convinced me to go get some…