pic: Team 229's Anodized IFI Wheels


We are starting to go crazy with our home anodizing techniques! Here are a few IFI wheels that we anodized to continue with our color scheme from last year.

ooo…preeetty! Looks good 229. Between those and your gearboxes, it appears like you’re going to have one good looking bot. Good luck!


the reason the sprockets are slightly off color is because they are a different type of alluminum. We weren’t to sure how it would react to the annodizing process, and these are the results.


Looks great! We need to learn how to anodize.

Any more progress on this documentation?

The wheels look great! Keep up the good work!

Now the question becomes, “Do we want to join in the new trend-setting style of 229 or follow the classic chrome bling of 111?”

A beautiful job, folks!


I think I’ll get a strange mint sensation looking at 229’s robot! :cool:

The anodizing looks good. The green and yellow makes a good contrast.

At work when we do toolings for our injection molding robots we’ve run across the same problem where the color varies depending on the material used to make the individual parts. We do a clear anodize to prevent this unless specified by the customer and at that point we just say the toolings have “character”. :wink:

The different shades just makes it all that much cooler

We are working on it. Our machinist is the one who did the anodizing, so as you can imagine he has allot of other things to do at the moment :slight_smile:

there is a guide i found on google about home anodizing…it may be worth a try.


Hey thats pretty cool Adrienne!

and thanks for the tutorial link Greg :smiley: (I want to try that if I can get the time lol :D)