pic: Team 229's new practice field

Team 229 recently (this Saturday) acquired an abandoned storefront in the abandoned third of our local mall. This is a step up from the abandoned elementary school cafeterium we used to use. I mean the food court is literally 25 paces away. I will post more pictures as the field is built and we add our own little flair to the space.

Wonder how fast our drivers can hit the post in the middle. LOL. WEll it looks gooid i cant wait to start driving in their. :cool:

wait, your practice field is in a mall?!?!

What happened they closed the book store?

229- Open for business

Don’t forget to anodize the operator station.

Okay so either you have to travel to the mall if you want to practice :yikes: . Or your school is right next to the mall, :cool: Sweet!