pic: Team 230 Body painting at Las Vegas Regional


I think I walked in on you guys painting yourselves in the bathrooms one day in Vegas. I turned right around knowing, it was exactly what it looked like.
Major kudos for going all out.

Have fun washing that stuff off…

The last guy I talked to who had body painted himself (for a football game) said it took him an hour or so to get it off.

Props for wearing it though :smiley: Ya’ll did an excellent job.

This was pretty sweet at UTC as well. Some of our team members tried it at Philadelphia, but I am not sure that they had the right kind of paint because it all sweated off.

AWESOME :smiley:

All i can say is make sure ya use latex based paint and not enamel… that stuff’d kill… :ahh:


Haha i remember you guys! I also remember that we ran into you guys at the New York New York casino! while we were getting on the roller coaster! you guys are awesome hahahah!