pic: Team 233 Wheels


sweet rims guys!:stuck_out_tongue:

I can safely say that this is a fake. Any true teaser from 233 would be neon pink. Nice try.

But seriously, cool wheels. What I’m really interested in is seeing the rest of the bot.

Looks familiar :wink:

nice, i hope 233 puts up their bot before ship date

Im not so sure about this one…

Is that wire coiled around the two on the outside???

I hope 233 finishes their robot before ship date.

If this is real, looks like 233 is going with a live axle. Interesting.

I thought the same thing, they kind of look like wire spools. If they are wheels they are pretty sweet.

but what about the other wheels ?? :wink:

yeah, i was thinking maybe a roller claw dealy-o. and a few extra spares i guess?

The black stuff is actually just black licorice. Mike works up an appetite.

They look a bit wide to be drive wheels…

The purpose of these black coil thingees is a secret so top level that the pit crew won’t disclose any information about it to the rest of the team - this is a teaser for everyone.

I think the technical term is extra top super-dee-duper secret.

…and I wouldn’t say it’s ONLY the pit crew who knows :wink:

its a coil of gates toothed belt, or some other cable or something to run through those pink pulleys you made! you’re using on your extending arm?

A hint to the purpose of the black things…would be to remind some of you, what type of wheels, has the pink team tried to stay with? or in some way, tried to advance.

Maybe I’m just being stupid, but I really can’t see the link to knobby pneumatic wheels … They look almost like grooves in pulleys, but I can’t imagine a Roccobot with treads.

Hmmmm… could this possibly be roughtop tread on top of a pneumatic “innertube”?

Very, Very interesting…

you know what i think?!?!!?

those aren’t their wheels at all!!!

i think those are pullys, and they have something to do with the manipulator

because those just don’t seem right

they are too wide, and have grooves that look like a belt would fit on them.

just my 2 cents