pic: Team 2337 - EngiNERDs - 2009 Robot

See you at Kettering, Lansing, and Troy.

Love the ball path. Wish we could see it in action

I’ll try to get some videos posted, we still have to work on queuing/indexing the balls for accumulation.


What no Mario Bullet action this year? Great looking robot this year. See you at Kettering.

What are you talking about this year its the Bill Blaster (http://www.mariowiki.com/Bill_Blaster).

We have a design of the EngiNERDs logo as a skull that we may add to the side of it.


I would have thought that Autobomb

possible a cobrat

Both from Super Mario Brothers II

The Autobomb would be a good one, I’ll have to take that back to the team … maybe we can make a lexan Shy Guy to ride on top of our shooter.

Nice find.


Very nice, once again, I think we’re all very impressed by the robot quality from 2337. Good luck at your competitions!

your front bumper doesn’t look legal

Looks legal to me. What do you think is illegal about them?

Nice job you guys, hope you do well, see you at Kettering this year. Hopefully we can play WITH you this year.

if im not mistaken you needed your team number on all four sides and the front didn’t look like it had one:confused: then again i could be wrong

The team number must be displayed in four places on the robot at ~90 degree intervals, it does not necessarily have to be on the bumpers. This robot does need a number on the front at the moment and perhaps the back as well.

Slightly more on topic, this is another great looking robot. I was very impressed by Bullet Bill last year and your team members didn’t sound or act like many rookies when I was in your pit at WMR. Looks like you guys may be on your way to another solid season.

ok well yeah well yeah great robot team 2337:D and thanks for clarifying that for me vikesrock

We have our team number on the back set of bumpers and are planning on putting the EngiNERDs logo on the front of the robot (on the top curve) just don’t have it made yet.

Also I talked with some of the team members last night and we are probably going to go with the Autobomb (aka Bad Dream Machine) instead of the Bill Blaster.

Thanks for the comments.


Here’s what our robot would look like if we did the bad dream machine.:slight_smile:

Awesome robot guys.

That looks like it will be a pretty good robot!!!