pic: Team 2349 Plays Tetris

We’re using an old storage room for our shop… the school needed some of it for storage, but we economized on space. How many lines is this worth?

Yay Tetris! All you need is the catchy music and the bleeps and woops whenever you stack the chairs right.
Our trailer is always a challenging Tetris game: whether we are putting stuff in or getting it out. Luckily our highly skilled pit crew cleaned it out so that we have room for those long straight pieces (in Tetris) that always get you out of a jam.

Some one with a shop more cluttered than ours!

It’s actually got a decent amount of space – i wanna say 12ft by 50ft – available, now that we’ve cleared the chairs. A little bigger than my room (which is large), but very elongated.

Too bad they don’t disappear when you make a row.