pic: Team 237 - 02/18/08

This is from the final shakdown session.

Team 237 will be competing in Philadelphia PA, Hartford CT, and Atlanta for The Championship Event.

Any questions about the robot, post them here.

Not too shabby for a 5 week robot*. :smiley:

*Almost a full week’s worth of build days lost due to weather this year, but we still made it & packed it up last night @ 10pm! :slight_smile:

Nice looking bot. Look forward to seeing you guys at Philly!

Thanks John. See you in Philly! This will be my team’s 2nd time there (We competed there in 1999 or 2000 before I joined) and my first time in Philadelphia.

  1. It was the first event for 237. I have vague memories of Chief Delphi careening around the field with the puck in tow.

Does your whole mast tip forward? If so, it’s sort of like our machine, with the exception of manipulator. I’ll try to post our pics later today.

Nope. Not in the sense of tilting on an angle.

It does move forward however.

The whole mast moves on a linear slide mechanism, which you can kinda see along the bottom of the robot.
The little wheel in the rear you can see at the bottom of the mast assembly drives that mechanism along a piece of 80-20.

Awesome Robot!

I can see that your telescoping arm is going to raise the arm to the proper height, but I’m curious as to what the two wheels on top are going to do. My guess would be to spin in reverse causing the ball to be pushed out of the arm.

Once again great job!

Thanks for the compliments Mike. The wheels on top act as both a puller and a pusher.

As we pick up the ball, it helps feed it into place and secure it so we won’t lose it while driving. (Those AndyMark wheels are really grippy!)

As we want to drop it off (either by hurdling it over the Overpass, or carefully placing it on top of the Overpass at the end of the match, it will help spit the ball out of our grip and does accomplish both of those actions relatively simply.)

Drive video from week 3 I just found (again). lol