pic: Team 237 at Board Of Education Meeting

Alison Hoffman and Ted Boucher presenting at Watertown, CT BOE Meeting 05/23/05.
Alison gave a great presentation. The team wowed them with the robot. Good Job.

Just out of curiousity, was there a particular reason that you presented to them?`

<Edit> I find the “Mic must be turned on” sign amusing… :smiley:

Glad to hear it went well. RAGE regularly updates our two main Boards of Education to let them know how our season is going.

Board of educations meetings are always great to advertise yourself. We went to one last week to recognize our mentors. We took the robot and promptly broke part of our gripper, but we still had fun. Whether it be putting the members of the school board in awe (“Wait, our school can do that?”) or passing out Leis to the suits who would not normally wear them, the meetings are fun all around.

Luckily, in the team’s recent history, we have had parents from the team on the school board, so we get an even better reception!

It was a public BOE meeting that anyone could attend, and we were there to present the team to a broader group of people.
Basically it was just an end of year wrap up of what we did, who we are, and what we accomplished this year and throughout our 6 years as a team - and also to remind the BOE that we exist, and we are here in the name of a good cause (enhancing technology at our school, inspiring students to enter technological fields of study, and all the rest of the ideals of FIRST.)

We also gave a hand out of what kind of technology the team has brought to the Watertown School systems :slight_smile: , and also brought to their attention in the handout the total amount we have had to pay them just to use the school. :frowning:

This upcoming year has the potential to be a little more rocky compared to others for Team 237, so basically we need the support of a few more groups of people, the BOE included.

Last year we met with the BOE (for the first time in a couple years, or ever as a team (don’t quote me on that though)) & our team was recognized by the BOE for our regional win in NJ.

What we really hope for is to hold more of a formal meeting with the BOE and us alone to discuss a few matters at hand, but until that time, we made ourselves heard at the public meeting.

Sounds great guys! I know how important the board of ed presentations are, we used to do them yearly on HOT. I’m trying to give my kids on 1504 reason to show up to their Board meetings but they’re not going for it. Just thought I may be able to show them other teams that are doing it.

If your Board of Ed meetings are taped for broadcast on local cable access channels, it is a great way not only to update the BOE on what you are doing, but also the members in the audience, and to your community via TV. We have heard over and over again, “wow, you’re RAGE, that robotics team! I saw you guys at the Board of Ed meeting that was on TV!” It amazes me how many people actually watch those things on TV.

If we do not formally ask to be put on their agenda, we will show up and speak during the community open forum at the beginning of each meeting (usually limited to 3 minutes).

We always make it a point to thank the BOE members who have attended one of our events (which, incidentally, makes it painfully clear who has NOT attended one of our events). And last time we brought our new mascot with us!

that was the first thing i noticed! :smiley:

Yes, it was the first thing I noticed as well, and couldn’t help but wonder:
Wouldn’t the sign be a bit more…effective if the person using the microphone could see it? :wink:

It might have been a good idea if it was on the other side of the podium. the first person (not us) to address the BOE talked for almost a minute before they reminded her to turn on the mic. :wink:

Since the last time we went before the BOE there has been a change of some of the members. This gave us a chance to introduce ourselves and let them know who we are and remind the older members that we still exist.

Coincidently, we got a new superintendent who used to be in RAGE’s school system so he at least knows about FIRST.


  1. Potential money/funding/connections to business
  2. To say THANK YOU for letting us do this
  3. To tell about all the things students are learning
  4. It makes everyone (kids/teachers/mentors/board members/district) look good in a public setting.

I know you have a young team there Beth, but I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t know how important this opportunity is. Almost all of the teams I know have done this. Most teams that enjoy solid relationships with their school do this on a regular basis. If you want someone’s support you need to do your part.

Send any student who doesn’t understand this my way, I’ll fix em :wink: . In all seriousness this is an activity that is easy to arrange, easy to pull off, and pays big dividends in the long run. Those board and community members should already be on your email list and should get personal invitations to accompany the team to competition anyway.

Nice job 237!

I sent out a newsletter (that I have not been very good at doing these last few months) AND regular e-mails about the team and to invite them to join us. They went to the parents; each of our 5 high schools’ school boards, principals, teacher liaisons, supt. of schools; sponsors; local politicians. Sometimes I felt as though they were going into the black hole of cyberspace, but it costs nothing to do but a few hours of time.


I understand exactly where you’re coming from. To me, it’s seemed obvious from the start. As I said, personally, I did it for years on HOT. Unfortunately, I have a heck of a time getting my kids to participate in events that aren’t “fun”. I know, I know, this is something to start a new thread for, but, as an example, we hosted the state of MI forums this year and out of an approximately 20 student team, we had 4 students show up to help out. They just don’t want to do the things that aren’t fun… Thanks for the thought and attention to my issues though Rich.


We did two presentations to the school board this year. The first was before the UCF Regional just to let them know what we have gotten started this year and to get their thumb prints on our “Thumbs-Up for Robotics” copper project. At the end of the presentation they said they wanted us to come back after competition to let them know how we did. I said we would

It is bad practice to break a promise to the school board. We went back the second time with a stronger purpose. After showing off our promo video from competition and our Rookie All-Star award, I told them about what the Championship event in Atlanta was like and how our schools could benefit from attending. None of the five teams in the county have attended, at least not lately.

Recently I read in the newspaper about a new project the Superintendents and school boards in the area are pushing. (once my scanner is back up and running I’ll post it) They are trying to improve math and science in the county after getting the worst standardized testing scores in the state. This is a 10 year project, I asked if they could find a way to include FIRST in this effort. We thanked them for all their efforts this year, and then asked for continued support in the future. One of my goals is to have multiple Osceola County teams in Atlanta next year.