pic: Team 237 @ Chesapeake

Can ya hear me now…good.

This was a great picture. It was making fun of Ted Boucher (kneeling in this pic front right) who picked up his phone in the drivers station last year during a practice match in Atlanta and continued to operate the arm as well.

In CT we have an anti driving while on your cell phone law in place, but hopefully that is not the case in Atlanta. lol

It’s all about the bluetooth headset. :rolleyes:

That was making fun of me??? :ahh: :ahh: :yikes: Wow, that was a good one, I just got that. lol


Meh, I’ll forgive you since it was a really long and rough weekend for you.

God ted… only you…

Thanks elgin lol

Lol yes I know, I knew the match did not matter and I only talked for alittle bit so it was ok.

wow Ted …
even I heard that story. :stuck_out_tongue:

grrr ted every match counts duhh! lol