pic: Team 237 Memorial Day Parade #2

The crowd loved it. We only went through two batteries.

It was funny after we got done changing the battery one of the mom’s goes “hey that’s like NASCAR!”

FIRST and NASCAR are related in soooooooo many ways :rolleyes: Or at least I think lol.

Looks like yall had fun! We were in ours too… except our motors decided “hey, we don’t wanna do this so we’re gonna get really really hot and stop working.” :frowning: But we still had it on the kart to pull through the parade and it was worth it. Yay parades!!!

We weren’t able to participate in a Memorials day parade. However, the robotics team did automate a few floats during the homecoming time earlier this year. We built a patrick the sea star that popped up from under a rock, and a huge spinning jellyfish. It was good publicity.