pic: Team 237 on the morning news

We got some air time this morning from the CBS affiliate in Conn. Cool stuff.
We lost communication with the robot once. Very strange.

I spy a side loading ball dumper!!!

Funny, I see a front-loading dumper on a holonomic drive system.

Very cool. Was your whole school there in the gym?

No. By 5:00AM only less than half could make it.

Heh… I’m surprised we have gathered that much detail from one little picture of a (half shown) bot. :wink:

But who among you is correct???

We tend to realease final pictures of our bot only after we ship it, so we have already strayed from that idea this year (kinda sorta, with the half-bot pic seen in this picture - which is cool by me! :cool:), & it’s interesting to see the comments so far.

More (finalized pre-ship) pics coming soon! Stay tuned!

And, we may even show up at Suffield Shakedown to do some playing around before ship date this year as well, but that is still up in the air as far as I know.

I watch “Cool Schools” every week. I almost fell out my chair when I saw your team and robot!

Now, I have seen Elgin every year in Suffield, but the robot too… This will be news making!

[quote="Elgin Clock
Heh… I’m surprised we have gathered that much detail from one little picture…

Well, I spied an interesting way to hang my hat if I’m ever a cameraman! :smiley:

Then I noticed the robots.

We figure they meant Waterford and called the wrong number :wink:

Alright Connecticut teams:

Now both GUS and SieH20Bots have been on Cool Schools.

It’s time to flood their airwaves with every other FRC team in Connecticut. :wink:

Only us Cool 11th year FRC teams can be on there I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:
230 & 236… I’m looking right at you two!! Where are you?? :slight_smile:
Go forth & represent the almighty 11th year teams along with 228 & 237 on CBS!!! :cool:

yea i know i hate it when they make it like early in the morning news…-.-’…

BUT COOL! :cool: