pic: Team 237 Picnic


This is what Elgin brought to the picnic.

Bet it didn’t last long.

That’s the most adorable cake I’ve ever seen.

The funny part is the red icing (imitating the tomato slices) turned Elgin’s lips pink.
I looked like he was wearing lipstick! :D…or maybe he was :ahh:

Maybe John could attach a photo of him after he ate the cake :wink:

He got the burger cake from Price Chopper.

That is way awesome.
Elg you r0ck!

YUM!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My dad looks like a gangsta (in front of the grill).

Yo yo homie.

Elgin. We need to stop getting the same haircuts. Its getting weird now…i had my head shaved too…

Did Elgin wear a Heinz shirt on purpose or was that just a coincidence?

My supervisor at work buys everyone a cake from a local supermarket on their birthday. Based upon numerous past experiences, I have convinced them all that red icing is perhaps one of the nastiest-tasting things on the face of the planet. We believe it has something to do with the red colored dye leaving a bitter, chemical aftertaste. Our group has banned red-icing birthday cakes from now to eternity. I was just curious if Connecticut cakes sporting red icing displayed any similar taste nastiness? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok. This is what happens with red icing.

Kids… Do not try this at home…

Actually… lol I bought the Heinz shirt cause everyone makes fun of me for my love of Heinz Ketchup on Eggs. Why? I don’t know. I’m sure I’m not alone on this one.

Anyways, I found that shirt at Kohl’s, and had to get it.

It was kind of planned… since I bought the cake (2 of them actually) that day and I had the Ketchup shirt on when I bought them.

It was quite amusing.

And, thanks for uploading the icing pic John. :rolleyes:
I look like a Geisha Girl. lol I think I need a tan. I’m so pasty… blah!

  1. Nope, you’re definitely not the only one. I never understood what was so wrong with putting ketchup on eggs (or mac and cheese, for that matter). :confused:

  2. Now…That’s a scary thought. shudders

<side note>As I type this post, the JVN lookalike commercial is on. :stuck_out_tongue: </side note>

So how are the Burger cakes elgin? I have always wanted to pick one up at work but haven’t had a good enough reason to yet…

Also, I too have ketchup on my scrambled eggs… It’s good :cool:

Edit: The second picture is so much better than the first!

Having ketchup on your eggs is one thing, but Elgin has KETCHUP on his eggs. Sometimes I think there aren’t even any eggs under all of that ketchup. I buy the huge size ketchup at COSTCO now so I have enough for Elgin.

You sure that was ketchup Jill? I thought that was the lipstick he stole from Laura (He likes to take stuff from the Canadians). =)

Mr. Boucher, thanks for sharing the picture with us.

Where on earth can you “pick one up”? Who sells these things? Better yet… where do you work, Jon, “Burger Cakes 'R Us”?


Can I start the is it “ketchup” or “catsup” debate?

Jon works at another Price Chopper up closer to RAGE land.

w00t! You’re the best! :smiley:

No you may not!!
I refuse to be a part of another terminology argument (re: tag sale VS garage or yard sale, grinder VS sub or hoagie)

Say what?? :confused:

Uh oh, I don’t like how that sounded Fin. :ahh: I already admitted I look like a Geisha Girl in that cake frosting “lipstick” picture. What more harm or craziness can come from that pic?? LOL
<runs for cover>

Elgin, I kept it as a thumbnail. Should I have posted it in the portal?

Also I do have bathing suit pictures of you for the highest bidder