pic: Team 237 @ WAtertown Dare Day


Team 237 got the robot out for a demo at DARE day in Watertown, CT. They got good traffic and a lot of conversation about FIRST and the Robot Team. Only flipped the bot twice but were able to hang off of the basketball rim.

It’s official… team 237 is EVERYWHERE!

you mean…everywhere in Watertown. :stuck_out_tongue:

How bad were the tires killed this year?

Wait! Are telling me there’s supposed to be tires mounted on the rims! :ahh:

j/k :smiley:

Actually we didn’t pop any of the tires and they still have slight tread still on them (and I mean slight). We did drive the robot but not as much as last year due to kids playing basketball around the robot.

Only dumped the robot twice while I was there. Not a bad day.

They’re going in the shop to be rotated. lol

Lessons learned: pneumatic tires rock on a carpeted playing field, but get destroyed running 130lbs. on them on a Basketball court for 4 hours… minus the hangtime…

Oh, and that 1.1 mile parade route as well… That didn’t help matters.