pic: Team 237's 2008 mock field

Here’s part of the 2008 mock field for Team 237. The two end pieces aren’t in place since the field is propped up on a stool. One of the end pieces is partially visible in the lower right hand corner of the pic.

The field is a 3/4" plywood base (2’ x 5’) that I gave a fresh coat of gray paint today to cover up the markings from the 2006 Aim High game in which it was last set up for. It was then masked off and the white stripes painted. The balls are cat toys that I painted red and blue. The rack the balls are on is made with 3/16" dowels hot glued together and sprayed with aluminum colored paint.

Not 100% to scale and may be missing some details that can be added later. I haven’t been able to get on the FIRST site to download the manual to see how the field looks so I did this from memory from watching the Kick-off video. The field will debut at our team’s kick-off tomorrow and can be used for stategizing like we’ve used it for in previous years.

Total cost? About $26 which includes the gray (2 cans) and red spray paint, cat toys, and dowels. No cost items were the plywood recycled from previous years and the blue, silver and white spray paint and the hot glue I already had in the basement workshop.