pic: Team 237's Mini Field

One of our team Members (the one pictured - Jay H 237 on the CD forums) built this scale model of the playing field the Saturday night of Kickoff for the purpose of showing the members a scaled down view of the playing field.
The inset of the picture shows an up-close view of the central platform and field features - <shameless plug> with my very own EURO-FIRST sticker on it </shameless plug>

There are a few field features missing, but we don’t need those… right?


Thanks so much for doing that, Jay…you know how much it helps the team out :slight_smile:

Darn it Jess, you made a thread about it!!! I was going to link it to the gumball field thread!! Oh well… <walks away>…
WAIT A MINUTE, I can STILL link it!!!

I do have to thank Elgin for the FIRST logo in the center of the field. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, maybe we should have like a contest or a show where we can all show off our own little playing fields… Great job!

I like it. Our team had a miny field last year. We called it the dollhouse.