pic: Team 237's mock field

This is a mock field that Team 237 will use for displays, explaining the game at demos, and most importantly, for strategy.

I started working on it shortly after kick-off and finished it this morning after allowing the paint to dry overnight. It's 3 pieces of 5/8" plywood (each player station on the end, and the main field) that was salvaged from last years mock field. 1/4" polycarbonate represents the wall between the player stations and the field. The tetras are made of 1/8" dowel, while the goals are 3/16" dowels and all were hot glued together before painting. Currently there are only 6 tetras for each team but I plan on adding 4 more for each team. The robots are represented by blocks of 3/4" plywood. I did not build the loading zones or pressure pads since they're not critical for the mock fields operation.