pic: Team 2404 (TNT)

Almost ready for competition… See you at the LA Regional and hopefully Atlanta.

  • 6-wheel omni drive system
    *Arms for herding 1 or 2 balls, loading the shooter, and pinning two of opponent’s trackballs against a wall
    *Shooter using surgical tubing and winch system (hopefully)
    *Extended lexan to knock the balls off the overpass (proven to be quite effective)

We still have to finish the winch system and attach the surgical tubing for the shooter as well as a solid control system and software. The six wheel omni drive system is working out well so far, but we will continue to work on a mecanum drive system for fun. Our current weight is 122 lbs so we will lose an air tank or two and maybe drill some lightening holes.

From what you seen in practice matches so far - do you think a shooter team can stay put as alliance members pass them the ball to shoot or is it going to be every robot for their own?

Depends on how quickly a fellow alliance member can get and pass a ball to a shooter team. There is a lot of moving around in this year’s game. There is a lot riding on the fact that a shooter team is somewhat dependent on another team for retrieving trackballs. As an opponent, I would slow down any alliance trying to do this.

It seems best if the team retrieves trackballs around the track together to help and defend from opposing alliance robots.

Best of luck to you all. :smiley: