pic: Team 240's Light Extravaganza


Team 240 was sitting with a nearly finished robot, 10 pounds of weight to spare, and an unopened box of green cathodes from last year. This is the end result.

are you allowed to have lights in competition?

Yes. Q&A has allowed it. You just need to be able to shut them off if requested.

Ooh. Very nice! Love the color. :smiley:

It;s freaking awesome :slight_smile: I lurv my team , and our progmaster gets major props for getting that picture up :slight_smile:

How did you attach them and how many are there?

There are 8 lights each 2 of which are attached to one spike via a transformer. I programmed them to flash when our arm is in the right position to lift the ball. It was fun :smiley:

Nice, so essentially, you attached neons to the robot! Nice!

Mr.Mountain dew friend of 240

Joyce, what are you talking about? 240’s friend is Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.

Oh wait…

Yeah, THOSE were the days…

Haha Jeremy. Alum. Sooooo unaware.