pic: Team 241 2010 robot: Freedom 8

A few members of the team with the finished robot. Named after the Freedom 8, Alan Shepard’s space capsule from his first mission. Alan Shepard is an alumnus of Pinkerton and also is the school mascot, The Astros

I’m pretty sure the capsule was named Freedom 7. Did you add one just for kicks?

Is that a ramp/hanger, or just superstructure for the sake of superstructure?

yes we added the 1 so it would be different

its main purpose is to deflect balls coming back into play via the ball return and block long shots it was originally going to house our lifting mechanism but needed to slim down so the winch had to go

Yep, I think there will be plenty of teams that built an all around robot that is overweight will be looking for things to remove. Winch is fairly heavy for compared to the potential point value it may generate.

does that sign say “no lame parents?”

No Lame Projects

when i saw your robot at the unvailing, you bumper material did not look up to par.

the rules say:

E. The BUMPERS must be covered with a rugged, smooth cloth (1000 dernier Cordura Plus® strongly recommended). The cloth must completely enclose all exposed surfaces of the BUMPER backing (plywood) and cushion (pool noodle) material. It is recommended that lengths of aluminum angle be used to clamp the fabric in place.

I dont think your spandex like material is permitted, but like i said last night, I may be wrong…I hust highly recomend replacing them

i’m sure they are, same stuff we used before and i don’t think the rules have changed that much, and on the official inspection sheet it did not seem as if they were in violation of the rules as they were written there

Here’s what the inspection sheet says

Must use a durable fabric cover for the noodles <R07.E>

So as long as they don’t think our material will rip, which it won’t, we are fine

The rule is “rugged” and “smooth”; the inspection sheet is “durable”.

If Spandex can hold up to FRC-style contact, it passes. If it tears, then it’s simply a lesson learned as it gets repaired or replaced.

nice ball avoidence system

The material used is much better described as a heavyweight strong satin than a “spandex-like” material. There is no stretch to it at all. It is strong enough to hold substantial weight on a single staple and (to my knowledge) has never ripped during assembly nor any matches nor when people improper try to lift our robots by the bumpers. It resists everything but the sharpest scissors.

We could probably use 3 inch wide strip of it as a winch strap. :slight_smile: