pic: Team 2412's Control board

2412’s first real control board, made from an old defibrillator box donated to the team.

Features include:

1 spare usb port inside for a switchboard.

2 external usb ports for more controllers, stop button etc. (three if we unplug the power wire for the hub, kinda visible on the left, front port shown with a joypad plugged in)

The netbook’s power adapter is inside the box and the power cord attaches on the left. (shown in picture)

Ethernet port behind the netbook’s monitor for FMS and tethering.

very sturdy and carry-able with one hand

Good luck and see you in Seattle!!!

Now if one of the players has a heart attack you will be ready.

you jinxed it.
Now I’ll have a heart attack while I’m driving the robot and we’ll only have the box.

ours is real leather it looks nice too has a handle and everything kinda like a business case