pic: Team 2415 is half way done!

Hopefully we will finish by friday if all goes to plan…

I like it. About How Many Balls does the Spiral Hold? About 12?

Very nice. I’m really enjoying the aesthetic appeal of all the robots with clear hoppers. (: Good luck!

About 12 is right. Probably when moving only about 10 or so. We have something special to go on top, thats why it is so short.

Nice. Do you have a method of driving the balls up the center, or are you relying on the next ball to index them?

They are similar. Tomorrow we will install a post to push them up, but the post will rely on brushes rather that just friction.

arent there bumpers illeagal?

Nope. We have a plan. If you are interested, see a description on earlier pics of our drive.

Anticipate lots and lots of full speed multi-bot collisions, including getting pile-driven from two sides at once. The frame in the picture, or somethig wrapped around it, is going to need to be sturdy enough to survive the punishment.

Yes. The frame will be buffed up as we brace our spiral and shooter. Also, there should not be all that many collisions up high. We are going to protect the front roller so it doesnt get hit hard and bent :smiley:

Looks shockingly similar to ours… 1557 just posted a picture of their robot, too, and it uses the same method of moving balls up. I wonder how many robots like this we’ll see this year?

Probably a lot. It is a very effective design that blends in ball rising and a hopper. If you have a shooter, how do you load it? Upward or to the side?

Do you plan to shoot from the top – seems you have plenty of room?

We move balls to the shooter out the top of our helix, as can be seen in this video. It cuts down a little on hopper space, but gives us turreting capabilities.

Yes, we load up to to give us the freedom to rotate the turret.

What is the tube made of? We have been searching and testing different materials for ball bins on our robot.

Nice and clean design, just a few issues

How did you over come the balls sliding out the bottom, and how do you get balls to go inside of it, if my understanding is correct wouldn’t the central spiral need to spin fast enough to hold the balls in, and any faster wouldn’t it push them out the top, just wondering.

1/16" plexi. As for the issue of keeping the balls in, that will require some testing but our roller/drive is made with “universal” holes so we can slide it forward and backward in 3/8 " increments so if the balls have problems staying in we can just slide the roller back to keep the balls in. :smiley:

That is very cool. I like the clear appeal on the robot. So just a quick question on the blue roller in the front…what kind of material is that made out of and that is the way you are getting the orbit balls into your spiral correct?
Best of luck in your competitions!
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