pic: Team 2415 Wiredcats at NCR

about to kick

I’m sorry, but I had to make a thread about this, Is that a binder behind the ball?

Sorry, im not sure what you are referring to? :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

I see what he’s talking about. Right behind the ball in the robot. There is a bar and two dots on it that make it look like a binder. Besides that. I like the lights underneath.


Are those zip-ties holding the front bumper? :smiley:

I loved your robot at NCR, very good in the near zone! Hope we can play on the same division next week! :slight_smile:

we need more LEDs thats all i have to say…

Overall, our robot performed very well at North Carolina. Aside from two random things that should not have happened, (our classmate battery died and our robot battery shut down after going over the bump) we had a very good regional. In elims, our team by itself scored 7 points in each game which is awesome. Im hoping we can continue the good performance at nationals and hopefully get picked!!!

haha 1519 beat us this year, so all the compliments go your way. I love our robot and hopefully we can get ranked top 8 in our division and be allied with someone as good as 1519 :). Great regional, love our leds so much. And the “binder” is just a metal bar with two rivots on each side