pic: Team 241's robot recreated with cake

Tonight was our end of the year banquet/dinner/senior send off. This was our cake, which was a replica of the field with a cake robot

This is fantastic! Do you do this every year with the field?

They try, this is the first year our robot was able to be done tho

That’s SO cool. Do you know how long it took to make it?


That is so incredibly awesome. I cannot put it into words.

I’m assuming I cannot has? :frowning:

That’s so amazing! Whoever made this is extremely skilled. :slight_smile:

We actually had a 2nd cake that said the Cake is a Lie, which was a paradox cake, and sadly all of the cakes were consumed quickly and swiftly so you cannot has

Just thought I’d throw this out there: I had a dream about this cake last night.

The cake is strong within this one.