pic: Team 2423's robot pic1

Picture of our robot’s drivetrain.

Nice looking frame, very interesting choice of materials, I do believe this is the first time I’ve seen a frame built like that. Just wondering, is it steel or alu tube? Also, what OD/wall?

Are you also using a belt-driven steering system?

It looks very nice. I’m assuming there’s some upper assembly that’s not in this picture. Good luck this year!

Impressive Drivetrain. Did you guys pocket out the gears or did you guys use aluminum gears?

Ahh… I didn’t realize that when you upload a picture it becomes its own thread… that means there are 3 threads with the same picture floating around here. My bad.

As the most I’ve done with this frame was look at the designs and the finished product, I’m not really the one to give you the specs. I’ll be sure to ask, though.

The gear/whatever that rotates the wheel is belt-driven. I think a shaft with a gear head runs through it powering the wheel the moves the bot.

I’m pretty sure we use aluminum, but I’ll have to check to be sure.