pic: Team 2468's B-E-A-Utiful shooter, hot off the CNC router

This is the shooter going on our robot this year. It’s almost entirely complete; there are still a few i’s that need dotting and t’s that need crossing. We haven’t shot any frisbees with this assembly yet, but we are confident it is able to shoot the 54’ full court distance.

Almost all of the parts you see are made of HDPE that was cut on a CNC router. The wheel is an 8" performance wheel from AndyMark, with wedgetop tread. It is direct driven by a CIM. There is a Lexan cover above the track, that was also cut on our CNC. And, of course, the most important part of the shooter is the green pickle bucket we got from Jason’s Deli!

Looks very nice! What’s it weighing in at?

I would guess it ended up weighing around 10 or 11 pounds, motor and all. That’s a pretty rough estimate, though.

Nice! It looks very solid, which is why I asked. Also props for what looks to be just about the neatest bucket-hopper I’ve seen so far.

Now I wish I had stayed later. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow. How long were y’all there working?

Thanks! We at team 2468 pride ourselves on our buckets.

Michael, I stayed until 7:00, but the others stayed a little later, I’m not sure how long though. Probably until 7:30 or 8:00ish.

Man that does look pretty, will we see it at Austin robot round up this weekend?

So that’s when you closed shop? It’s interesting to see teams close at such different times. On weekends we’ll work from 8AM to 2AM the next day frequently.

Well, that’s a maybe. We still have some parts that need to be manufactured, but if we are at a point where we can compete, we’ll probably be there. I don’t want to promise anything though…

We don’t usually work on Sundays, but our Saturdays are 9:30 am to 7:00 or 8:00 pm. We get a lot of hours in during weekdays too.

Very nice, I won’t be able to make it out to Lubbock to see it Week 1. Hopefully there will be a webcast, otherwise I’ll have to wait till Alamo.

That HDPE must have cost a fortune. Is the curve all one piece?

No. The base is made from 0.5", the rail is cut from a piece of 1.5" but in 2 segments, and the bucket pieces are also 2 parts cut from 1.5". Total on HDPE is < $200.

As for staying late, I left at 11:30PM and Joe is, well, still there (after 1AM) I believe.

One of the little details that Ben didn’t mention is that while this bucket was donated by a local Jason’s Deli, this specific pickle bucket was kindly washed before we got it from. The prior ones we prototyped with weren’t washed and had that great dill pickle smell.

This is one of the reasons I suggested this year’s robot name be Electro Vlasic. That and it reminded me of the work done by the old DEC Alpha microprocessor design team; check out one of their research papers.

I just left the shop (7am) and came into work. I am really dragging!

Classic Joe!

How well does it shoot upside- down frisbees?