pic: Team 2471's 2018 Robot

This Is Team 2471’s 2018 robot Atlas.

Reveal Video:

im s h o o k .

Hopefully I can go to DCMP and see this in person.

Great job getting the video put together so fast Hunter! I’m very proud of the work everyone has done this season. Onward to the competitions!

Here is a live link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rOis6bgVoA

You folks have done it again!

This is my favourite elevator robot design yet, great placement of the cubes, can score super high, and looks like a reliable triple hang. Awesome work!

Another excellent looking machine from our friends at 2471. Hopefully we can play together again at the District Championship.

Thanks!, Can’t wait to see what you guys have been cooking up, and I too hope we can play together again.

Love the cube stacking in the scale. The climb is clean and easy as well - nice job, great robot!

Awesome robot!!!

This is incredible. My favorite robot so far.

Nice work Mean Machine! I’m eager to see your bot in person. Best wishes this season. That 4 cube tall stack on the scale was very impressive.

I’m incredibly impressed by this robot! From the 4 high stack, to the triple climb, to the backwards placement and more, it’s clear that the design is incredibly well thought and hits a lot of high-level goals that only the best teams in the world will accomplish.

Well done 2471!!!

Fun fact: One of the names that we were looking at for this robot was Mean Metal Dragon in honor of our DCMP alliance last year. Ultimately, we decided that the robot had too little metal to use the name.

Incredible design!

You guys are amazing can’t wait to compete at the district champs with and against this beast of a machine. You guys have continuously raised the bar year after year and this takes it to a whole new level.

Wishing you the best of luck at your competitions!
-Jack In The Bot

Looks fantastic, wonderfully designed! I’ll be following you guys during the competition season, but that’s not unusual :wink:

Thank you all so much! I am the director and editor of this year’s reveal video, as well as the team president of 2471. To hear all this praise not only means a lot to me, but to our team as well.

If you want a look at the behind the scenes, check this out, and if you want to see more reveal videos from previous seasons, check out this playlist.

As with every year, the team’s YouTube channel will constantly be updated showing off the individual performance of the team at competition, so stay tuned!