pic: team 2487 sayville mechanical animals 10pts :)

Our 2013 robot hanging almost all done just needs the finishing touchs and we will be all ready for the 2013 sbpli regional!!! lets go sayville mechanical animals team 2487!!!

Very interesting setup! If I’m correct, do the large pistons push the plate on the robot down in order to lift it up? It’s a bit hard to tell from the photo.

If so, I wonder if you’ll have a problem with the rule about bumpers staying within their zone while flat on the floor… Not too much of an issue, you just have to have a very small appendage touch the pyramid before lifting.

Cool concept!

Please be sure to cover the metal frame that contacts the floor in some kind of plastic or nitrile tread because metal cannot contact the carpet.

Do you have any way to make sure you are aligned to the bar? It doesn’t look like you have to much room for error. From across the field that might be a bit difficult to get exactly under the bar.

we actually have our camera facing up so it is pretty easy to line up and yes the two plates to go down to the ground and push up from the bottom of the robot and to be honest im not really sure about the bumper rule on that but i sure hope that isnt the case at all that would really suck.


Im sorry to be a burden but do we have to all i see is that metal can not touch the carpet if used as a traction device or breaking fource?

If the inspectors think the metal dragging could damage the carpet then they will require you to cover it in someway. It has happened to a lot of teams (mine included) in the past

If they say it’s a traction device, just put tape on it. You should be all set.

THANKS think we will do somthing with it better be safe then sorry

Wouldn’t it have been simpler to just flip the pistons, put hooks on the ends and pull yourself up instead?

It seems like it would be much easier to line up since you could drive around with hooks extended, line up against the tower, and pull up. With a bottom lift you have to be absolutely lined up before you can lift, and if you’re off center at all you have to start over. :confused:


Nice Work Guys! Your team has come a long way in a few short years.

Well Done.

I would think that everyone needs to remember that in climbing you have to make contact with the zones… and zone 0 is the floor… You are in the act of climbing when you are at the pyramid in zone 0 That would count as contact …

The definition of having to make contact was changed in the first week to include Zone 0 which is the floor. This was done so you couldn’t reach up to zone 2 while still on the floor because you can’t be contacting three zones at the same time.

i think your approach looks like a great solution …
Good luck at the competition…

Thank you to everyone looking forward to seeing you all at the competition!